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Myeloma Cancer

Our Journey

In September 2016 we were given the devastating news that at the age of 41 I had stage 3 Myeloma. In some ways I was pleased to have a diagnosis, I had felt unwell for 9 months and at times in total despair with pain. I spent 6 weeks as an in-patient at the Queen Alexandra Hospital – Portsmouth (admitted via A & E), 18 weeks in a spinal and neck brace made by the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital – London, induction chemotherapy for 16 weeks and a stem cell transplant in March 2017 at Southampton General Hospital.

We had never heard of Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma as it impacts multiple places in the body. I have lambda light chain myeloma that affects 20% of those diagnosed with this cancer. Myeloma is currently incurable however it is manageable.

We have put together this website to raise awareness about Myeloma, raise funds for Myeloma UK and to help others diagnosed / impacted by Myeloma and how although our lives have changed we have moved forward.

To support and raise funds for Myeloma UK I am cycling London to Paris in September 2018, to donate please click Here