Target Myeloma

29/8/19 : Week 13 training Rides

Things getting serious - some more fund raising, some long rides, only 2 weeks to go !

ali1 ali2 andy1 andy2
andy3 bud1 Carli carli1
sarah1 sarah2 sarah3 sarah4
sarah5 sarah6

29/7/18 : Week 10 training Rides

Well holidays have been involved, a little wine, a lot of sun and obviously great food all compatable with cycling !

al1 ap1 ap2 ap3
ap4 ca1 li1

15/7/18 : Week 8 training Rides

Its punctures all round, while Sarah is off being a Californian Girl. Lisa and Ian sneak in a Wiggly 67 miles !

ali1 car1 li1 li2
sa1 sa2

8/7/18 : Week 7 training Rides

Back to the grindstone, everyone was working hard last week - almost halfway through the training - work hard, play hard !

a1 a2 a3 c1
c2 l1 l2 s1

1/7/18 : Week 6 training Rides

Lisa and Ian were out fundraising, Carli and Alison hit the road for more training rides, Andy is yodeling in the hills - Oh and Ian finds his dream machine !

a1 a2 a3 a4
a5 a6 c1 c2
c3 i1 l1 l3
l4 l5 l7 l8

24/6/18 : Week 5 training Rides

Well umm say no more, a slightly more relaxed week for all this time it seems

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
Pic7 Pic8

17/6/18 : Week 4 training Rides

Sarah was lost in France, Ian and Lisa Find "Fat Face", Ali and Carli go for the long ride, Andy goes hiking with his daughter (oh and a little Aperol!)

pic1 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12
Pic13 Pic14 Pic15 Pic16
Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5
Pic6 Pic7 Pic8

10/6/18 : Week 3 training Rides

Week 3 training saw some varied effort, Sarah was lost in her gardening, Ian and Lisa felt it time for a holiday involving a significant amount of ice cream ! Oh and apparently a Strongbow

Ali1 Andy1 Andy2 Calri1
Ian1 Ian2 Ian3 Ian4

31/5/18 : Week 2 training Rides

Week 2 weekend rides for the team. Sarah completed the "Circuito-Del-Caffe". Free Coffee involved apparently !

Weekend2_1 Weekend2_2 Weekend2_3 Weekend2_4
Weekend2_4a Weekend2_5 Weekend2_6 Weekend2_7

20/5/18 : Weekend fun

Weekend training for the "Wacky Racers". Team members sweating away across Europe !

weekend1 weekend10 weekend11 weekend12
weekend13 weekend14 weekend2_THUMB weekend3_THUMB
weekend4 weekend5 weekend6 weekend7
weekend8 weekend9

6/5/18 : Alison/Carli, Alisons first Ride - 37 Miles

ca1 ca2 ca3 ca4

29/4/18 : Sarah/Lisa/Ian, The sharpener - 61 Miles


22/4/18 : Andy, Vienna Half Marathon

An excellent chance to raise some funds, a little dressing up to help. The temperature was a bit hot (27 degrees).

image1 image2 image3 image4
image5_THUMB image6

8/5/18 : Photos of the team

A few pictures showing the team in their natural habitat - or not as the case maybe be ...

theteam1 theteam2 theteam3 theteam4
theteam5 theteam6